Inner city walking tour of Johannesburg !

Jozi walking tourHaving recently taken part in a 6 hour walking tour of the inner city of Johannesburg with expert guide Gerald Garner, I can recommend this to any South African or visiting tourist.
The best way to experience a city is on foot, and why not your own city….don’t save this for just Paris or London .I am now a fully converted urban tourist.
Gerald is an extremely knowledgeable and interesting Jozi city tour guide which makes it  such a pleasure. The focus being on the architectural and political history of the areas you walk through as well as the regeneration program and status of the city currently.
Our tour group was made up of about 20 members of our Johannesburg guesthouse association ( ….all eager to learn how we can enhance our guests stays in Johannesburg.
Our particular tour included Braamfontein with all its trendy new shops, galleries and restaurants, the ‘Historic core’ …the City hall, library gardens, Rand Club and Ghandi square, followed by the ‘Retail district”….the Kerk street open market and Eloff street fashion stores and then lastly the ‘Corporate mining district’ with the beautiful Anglo American headquarters, the Magistrates court ,Mandela and Tambo’s original law firm offices.
All this either on foot or the Rea Vaya bus system for which I now have a whole lot more admiration. Never once did I feel anything other than extremely safe and confident. Our city streets are full of security guards who take their jobs so seriously that they kept telling us that we weren’t allowed to sit in certain places. No loitering allowed….a bit annoying when you need a little break every now and then but it has clearly kept the city on the move and free of trouble makers.
Between the Gautrain ,Rea Vaya and the open top bus, absolutely everyone can have a very affordable tour of our city!
Take a look at Gerald Garners website for all the different tour options and schedules.