Roomy rooms…..



At The Parkwood we believe that space is luxury! Having travelled quite a lot we have more often than not been subjected to really small rooms which are seen as the norm, especially in Europe.There is nothing more frustrating than having to climb over your suitcase to get to the bar fridge. As a result, even our “baby” room as we fondly call it is bigger than most Parisian hotel rooms by far.

Most of our rooms have seating areas and enclosed private gardens so that you can sleep with your doors open should you wish to. We also believe in spacious bathrooms…so you will never find a bath/shower combo in one at our hotel. Baths , showers and toilets all have their separate spaces, the way it should be.Most rooms have a lovely outlook onto gardens , pools , ponds or their own enclosed garden to appreciate. Its so important to have a “green lung” ie: plants, trees, gardens and fresh air to enhance your feeling of well being.It is so oppressive being stuck in a small room without light, air and an outlook. So many of our guests say that they find it surprisingly peaceful and calm at The Parkwood even though we are situated in a fairly busy suburb in a bustling city.

Making meetings matter!


We have an 18/20 seater boardroom venue which provides for a smaller, more intimate group and we absolutely love the interest and activity it brings to The Parkwood.

All the cooking is done on site using the freshest ingredients and served in a generous “Harvest-style” table format.

We are constantly amazed and of course thrilled that some of our clients have state of the art boardroom facilities in their glass towers but opt for off site meetings with garden views, relaxing pause areas and home made deliciousness. We feel privileged to provide this service and have been told that many a successful meeting has been had within our private and secure surrounds.

Take a look at our boardroom package and book your next meeting and enjoy the day with us!


Wedding weekend packages!

What a brilliant start to the year !

We have had lots of wedding excitement at The Parkwood as we are centrally situated to several popular wedding venues in Johannesburg ,
The Rand Club, Inanda Country Club, Summer Place, Shepstone Gardens, The Johannesburg Country Club, The pudding shop, Katy’s Palace,…to name but a few.

Brides & Grooms choose us to accommodate their families, close friends and guests as we are the perfect “boutique size“. Sixteen double rooms and a hard to beat wedding weekend package.

The package generally comprises of a two night weekend “Exclusive use” of The Parkwood” if 14 plus rooms are booked out.

With ” Exclusive use‘ of The Parkwood the bridal party can have all their pampering on call throughout the day accompanied by snacks & champagne to keep the nerves at bay.
The Groomsman can have a seperate section of the hotel in which to prepare and The Parkwood is a great venue for wedding photo’s !
Breakfast the morning after is filled with post wedding happy chatter as everyone goes their own way.

We have had some very happy brides and families to stay and we love the magic energy that it brings!

Email: to enquire about the Wedding weekend package !
Weekend wedding packages



Stonework story

Stonework collage a

Most of the stonework at The Parkwood was lovingly crafted by an amazing gentleman, Daniel Nyalungu.
We haven’t seen this gifted stonemason for many years but we will not forget him.
Daniel, an elderly man, tall, stately & almost ethereal would pick up a heavy rock and almost caress it. He would feel every angle it had to offer & then place it exactly where it seemed to fit, seldom changing his mind.
At the end of a day he would stand back, balancing on one leg and squint at his work but no wall was ever just a wall. He would describe each walls own story as it progressed.
Some were pastures with rivers and cattle, some were night scape’s with moons and stars.Very sweetly, we would each always feature as a particular stone and he would proudly point out our positions.
I am sure that most of Westcliff has his signature to it & we hope this gentle genius is still out there crafting his stonework stories!


The Parkwood in the snow- 2011.

Snow 2011It was in August just two years ago that stunned Jozi residents experienced the rare occurrence of snowfall .
S.A Weather service records showed that it had only ever snowed in Johannesburg on 22 other days in the last 103 years!
The icy cold front as of yesterday is making me wonder if we might be experiencing snow more often?
The Parkwood Boutique Hotel – apres ski  #jagermeister………..Sounds good to me !


Cosy rooms in Winter !

Cosy winter roomsOur rooms at The Parkwood are warm, cosy and inviting enough to ward off the worst of winter. Our regular guests don’t mind traveling in the chilly months if they can book into the cosiness of The Parkwood.
Underfloor heating and complimentary sherry in the rooms helps to warm things up as does room service so that a delicious dinner can be served within the cosy cocoon of your room whilst you catch up on the days social media activity or watch a movie.

Reminiscing the 2010 Soccer World Cup …..

SONY DSCThe Fifa 2014 World cup is around the corner and even though we will be notable absentees in Brazil , I can’t really feel any of the rest of the worlds excitement and fever spilling over……..yet.
It’s hard to believe it was 4 years ago that we were caught up in the WC frenzy.
We certainly put our backs into it as a nation. Amid worldwide concerns over security, infrastructure & stadium – building deadlines, we staged a superb World cup regardless of freezing temperatures at times.
We dressed up and decorated everything in our national best. Singing the anthems , we were carried on a euphoric wave of vuvuzela noise for a month.
Such a pity to not be feeling that fever again! At least we have world class stadiums as a legacy.
We will have to become the ‘Rock concert’ centre of the world !



The power of a Concierge….

ConciergeI have recently been to see ‘ The Grand Budapest Hotel” , a film in which the adventures of a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel are recounted with great artistry. A definite worthwhile see with a fantastic cast and fascinating visual effects.
The film set me off  thinking how there must be hundreds of legendary concierges across the world working in large famous hotels who have amazing stories and knowledge about the goings on in their establishments.
At ‘ The Parkwood’ we are privy to a fair amount of excitement by virtue of the odd famous guest or top secret advertising campaigns in the making but we are infinitely grateful for the calm and lovely guests who stay with us on a regular basis. They have more than enough to offer in interesting personalities, careers & lives !


Bunny ambush !

Bunny ambush !Easter doesn’t hold as much allure for me since I gave up chocolate and in fact all sugar in my diet but I am ever grateful for having some gorgeous God children to buy those exciting shiny Easter eggs for, so the experience lives on happily albeit vicariously through their chocolate smothered grins.
The Parkwood guests are another great reason for me to buy Easter related things. Nothing I love more than a few white rabbits dotted around the hotel bringing a smile to our guests.
Expect little Lindt bunnies accompanying breakfast !
Happy Easter weekend wishes to everyone!

Early Autumn ?

Autumn leaves

I love the change in seasons but have to say that as beautiful as it is to see all the tree’s in Johannesburg’s suburbs turning different shades of copper, gold and red….I am not the slightest bit excited about this early nip in the air !
Aside from a clear signal that winter is coming all too soon, Autumn comes with the annoying drone of leaf blowers and the endless rasping sound of raking.
The upside….cosy fire places, fluffy winter duvets and the delicious soups our chef is conjuring up this week at The Parkwood. Nothing like a good old fashioned butternut soup or chilli prawn soup to warm things up.
Another definite upside to impending winter is that a girl loves any opportunity to wear her boots the minute she can.